Welcome to the unofficial Sonic Adventure 2 instrumental tabs Page!!!

The SA2 e-tablature book that you will see here is something that I really wanted to make, so i called out to a couple excellent transcribers and enlisted their help to create them. This project that myself (Brendan aka, shadowforever), JoshuaTaipale and heavenlybasslineguy worked together to create, is one of the most accurate collections of tabs out there; & I wanted this collection to be as accurate as possible because there are a lot of tabs out there that are incorrect.

These are not like any normal guitar tabs, they are also drum tabs, and bass tabs, and synth tabs!!! We have made these tabs to have all the instruments we can hear in them, to help all the musicians out there learn their favorite songs. To access the tabs just click the ‘The Tabs’ tab at the top of this page.

There should be one set of tabs released each week, so stay tuned to see your favorite songs from this classic game finally become available for you to learn!

Over 6 months of hard work has gone into the quality and accuracy of these tabs, we have had fun creating them, and we hope you enjoy using them! Please give us feedback on the tabs by emailing myself or Josh, to help us create better tabs in the future.

Brendan (shadowforever)


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